Delegates to the Council

IBEW Construction Council of Ontario

James Barry | Executive Secretary-Treasurer

Lorne Newick | President

John Bourke | Vice President

Mark Watson | Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer

Electrical Power Systems Construction Council of Ontario

Steven Martin | President

Frank Harris | Vice President

IBEW Locals

Hamilton Local 105

Lorne Newick | Business Manager

Kingston Local 115

Bill Pearse | Business Manager

London Local 120

John Gibson | Business Manager

St. Catharines Local 303

Mark Cherney | Business Manager

Toronto Local 353

Steven Martin | Business Manager

Robert White | President

Jeff Irons | Vice President

Thunder Bay Local 402

Glen Drewes | Business Manager

Sarnia Local 530

Frank Harris | Business Manager

Ottawa Local 586

John Bourke | Business Manager

Windsor Local 773

Karl Lovett | Business Manager

James Dodman | President

Kitchener Local 804

Brian Jacobs | Business Manager

Sudbury Local 1687

Bruce Palmer | Business Manager

Brian Kitching | President

IBEW First District Office

Tom Reid | International Vice President