As an organization with 11 locals spread out over Ontario’s 1.076 million km², there are great distances that separate us.

The IBEW CCO helps bridge those distances by bringing members together to discuss issues of
common interest, but also to enjoy each other’s company.

Sports Events

Our tournaments attract members from across the province, across the country, and even from the USA. The friendly competition and camaraderie make these events a hit with members and their friends and families every year!

The tournaments are generally three-day getaways, with dining and entertainment the first night, and the tournament taking place over the following days. There are lots of opportunities for members to get to know their brothers and sisters from across the province.

Hockey Tournament

Troy Sports Center, 1819E Big Beaver Rd. Troy, Michigan

April 14th and 15th, 2023

Baseball Tournament

Kingston, ON

July 28 & 29, 2023

Skills Ontario

Skills Ontario is an annual showcase created to promote the skilled trades to young students. There’s an exhibition area with activities for elementary and secondary students, and a competition for secondary students and post-secondary apprentices. Imagine a massive trade show with over 25,000 attendees!


How We Contribute

IBEW members from Locals 353, 804, and 105 donate hundreds of volunteer hours over many months to help organize the electrical competition, build the career showcase booth with activities for students, and build the competition booths. The Skills Electrical Competition Committee also ensures that there are a variety of volunteer judges from all sides of the electrical construction industry, from college educators to contractors.

The Competition

“Think of it like the Olympics for trades.”
George Kardaras, IBEW Local 586

In the post-secondary division, electrical apprentices from locals across the province are allowed to compete. It’s a gruelling 8-hour day that tests knowledge and skills to the limit. The IBEW is proud to report that together, our Locals have won over 70% of the medals since 1998.

Medal winners qualify to proceed to the Skills Canada competition, and on odd-numbered years Canada sends winners to World Skills.

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