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Why Should You Join the IBEW as a Unionized Worker?

By joining the IBEW you immediately are entitled to privileges that aren’t accessible to non-union workers:

Highest standards in negotiated wages:

The IBEW secures proper pay for our members
Union wage rates are approximately 40% HIGHER than working for a non union contractor!

Competitive benefits:

The IBEW offers a higher quality of life for our members and their families.

Safer working conditions:

The IBEW ensures safe working conditions and promotes health and safety awareness.

Job security:

The IBEW seeks security for our members.

Health and Welfare Packages:

The IBEW offers its members ease-of-mind by providing benefit plans to protect our members and their families.


The IBEW represents our members with honesty and fairness
Ontario Labour Laws states that Workers have the right to join a union and that the commitment of this Union gives workers the right to bargain as a group with their employer for wages, benefits, and conditions of work.

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