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ECAO/IBEW NCS Program Featured in EB Magazine

June 20, 2022

Our popular 631A Network Cabling Specialist program has been featured in Electrical Business Magazine’s June 2022 Issue. In fact, it’s their cover story.


“In essence, the network cabling specialist’s work touches every aspect of modern life”

“The 631A Network Cabling Specialist trade designation is not new. What is new is [the] IBEW CCO’s Training Delivery Agent (TDA) status as a designated provider for the NCS apprenticeship program in the province of Ontario, with which they aim to significantly advance this skilled trade.”

“Information, Communications and Automation Technology (ICAT) is rapidly changing which, in turn, increases the demand for communications services – specifically in the NCS occupation.” Rich DiPietro, Project Manager, OEITTF

“IBEW CCO will train and mentor a contractor’s current workforce to ensure completion of the 631A licence, leading to a workforce with the required skillset for projects of any size.”

“[The] IBEW CCO has had contractors in the non-union sector contact them to learn more about 631A Training…” Contractors are now realizing the importance of properly trained employees and how it will help them remain competitive.

“Together, [the ECAO and IBEW CCO] have demonstrated the immeasurable value in setting shared goals that bolster the professionalism and integrity of the trade.” Graeme Aitken, Executive Director, ECAO.

Read the full article HERE

Ready to Learn More?

If you are a contractor looking to upskill your low-voltage workers and stay competitive in this rapidly changing industry, visit to learn more about how the ECAO/IBEW CCO can help.

If you are currently working in low voltage and are interested in becoming 631A Certified, visit to learn more or contact us here.

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