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The Future of 309A Electrical Compulsory Trade License is in Jeopardy

June 7, 2019

Message from James Barry

Executive Chairman IBEW CCO

As many of you know, the Ontario government has introduced a new apprenticeship model that will impact skilled trades in Ontario. The IBEW CCO and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario have been working closely with other industry partners and the government to ensure that any new regulations or changes do not impact the integrity of the electrical trade or compromise public safety.

Along with ongoing meetings with government to ensure we have a voice at the table when changes are being considered, we are also active in preparing fact-based research papers to help educate the decision makers about our trade and the importance of maintaining our current scope of practice. Please see this video for a brief summary of what we are doing.

If you would like more information about what actions we are taking, contact your business manager. As well, please continue to visit our website to read the recent reports we have produced and to stay informed on updates related to this issue.

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