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IBEW CCO and ECAO Respond to Phase Two of Skilled Trades Panel Consultation

June 22, 2021

The IBEW CCO and ECAO have submitted a formal response to Phase Two of the Skilled Trades Panel consultation process on helping to modernize the apprenticeship and skilled trades system.


In an effort to simplify, transform and strengthen an outdated apprenticeship system, the Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development appointed a five-member skilled trades panel in September 2020.

The panel’s mandate includes:

  • seeking input from public and industry stakeholders on how to approve the apprenticeship system
  • providing advice and recommendations to the minister on ways to modernize the skilled trades and apprenticeship system
  • operating at arm’s length from the government to provide independent, evidence-based advice.

More information on the initiative may be found here. The list of appointed panel members and their qualifications may be found here.

IBEW/ECAO Submit Response

Alongside the Electrical Contractor’s association of Ontario, the IBEW CCO has participated in providing feedback to the panel for both Phase One and Phase Two of this project. IBEW Executive Secretary Treasurer, James Barry, adds, “I encourage all IBEW members from across the province of Ontario to read the brief and continue to follow the website for important information regarding the compulsory trades as we move towards next year’s provincial election.”

Phase One of the consultation focused on obtaining feedback surrounding a new service delivery model. Read the full report from Phase One here. Phase Two of the consultation accepted submissions from stakeholders on matters related to the classification and training for the trades. Access the download link to both responses below.

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