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IBEW Supports “Faster, Together” Campaign

June 3, 2021

Faster, Together is a national, volunteer-based campaign to promote vaccine acceptance and help speed a recovery from this pandemic. The campaign has garnered participation from dozens of other organizations and labour unions across the country.

The IBEW and the IBEW Construction Council of Ontario are proud to support this campaign and share relevant insights with our members. False information circulating around the the Covid-19 vaccine that is causing individuals to make uninformed decisions. Whatever your decision with respect to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, please make sure it’s based on factual information and data.

A recent press release by the campaign, titled Vaccine Acceptance Continues to Rise confirms that the willingness of the Canadian population to take the Covid-19 vaccine has reached a new high. In terms of those who remain hesitant, only 21% of respondents indicated they were hesitant/would not take the vaccine, (down from 76% in November). A large portion of of the 21% indicated that they may be persuaded. Peer to peer influence is having a large impact on decision making with three out of four individuals indicating they would encourage a friend or family member to get the vaccine.

“No doubt contributing to this positive peer to peer communication is the fact that for 95% of those who have already had a shot, side effects were not very challenging. The majority (71%) say they had hardly any or no side effects, while another 24% said they were unpleasant but passed quickly.”

Vaccine Acceptance Continues to Rise, a press release from Faster, Together
Ottawa, ON, June 1, 2021

Read the full release below.

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