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Join Us on February 21 for a Rally at Queen’s Park to Save Safety Standards for Skilled Trades

February 7, 2017
Rally at Queen's Park Toronto against Schedule 17

The Liberal Government added some legislation to Ontario Omnibus Bill 70 called Schedule 17 last November. It gives the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Labour Relations Board powers over skilled trades that put the lives of workers and the public at risk.

  • The Ministry of Labour can allow unskilled workers to do the work of skilled trades. This will make job sites much more dangerous, and buildings less safe to use long term.
  • The OLRB will be making decisions on appeals of illegal work that it does not have the technical expertise to do. This also contributes to the creation of dangerous worksites.

You can learn more about the issues in this article in the FAQ section.
While the Bill as a whole has Royal Assent, not all of Schedule 17 has been proclaimed. This means it can still be changed.
We’re asking you to make time for this very important protest. The Liberals are counting on everyone to forget as time passes. We want to show them that’s not going to happen!

The Essentials

Here are the bare facts about the event:

  • Who: All skilled trades, unionized or not. If you’re unionized, bring your flags and signs to show us who you are! Families, friends, and employers are also welcome.
  • What: Rally to protest Schedule 17 of Ontario Omnibus Bill 70.
  • When: 9:00 AM on Tuesday, February 21st 2017.
  • Where: the front steps of the Ontario Legislature at Queen’s Park, 111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Why: Schedule 17 compromises safety standards for skilled trades and the public at large.

If you’re in a union, make sure your Business Manager or Political Action Committee is making the arrangements.

What Do We Want?

The Progressive Certified Trades Coalition want Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn to ensure that the Ontario Labour Relations Board is directed to respect the scopes of practice of compulsory trades. Commercial interests of others must not be allowed to erode the value of a compulsory trade licence.

It’s Time to Save our Skilled Trades

As you can tell from our news, IBEW, UA, SMWIA and other unions have been holding demonstrations weekly. We’ve been writing to our MPPs, and doing our best to get the word out. It’s time to show the Liberals that we’re determined to stand up and be a part of the solution.


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