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The JUNOs May Be Over, But the Campaign is Just Beginning

April 4, 2017

IBEW CCO and ECAO sponsored the Electronic Album of the Year Award at the 2017 JUNO awards in Ottawa. This was a great opportunity to spread the word to music industry giants and the public about the value of what electricians do. Best of all, this is just the start of a campaign to help the public – and the politicians they vote into office – understand the value of electrical work to all aspects of our lives.

Thanks to the hard work of Sherri Haigh, Director of New Business Development for JEPP (Joint Electrical Promotion Plan), an IBEW electrician and an ECAO electrical contractor got a chance to walk the red carpet at one of Canada’s biggest media events.

George Kardaras, a training instructor for Local 586 in Ottawa, and Johannes Ziebarth, an ECAO contractor, attended the JUNO Awards ceremony at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. The event stretched over Saturday and Sunday, April 1 and 2. George was interviewed by CBC TV as part of the event.

The awards were presented on Saturday, and clips were shown with the musical performances at the live broadcast event on Sunday.

“It was extremely rewarding to hear kind words from so many nominees about how much they value our work,” said Sherri Haigh. “But it was a particularly great opportunity to raise the profile of not just electricians but specifically the ECAO/IBEW brand.”

George Kardaras IBEW 586 at JUNO Awards 2017

IBEW 586 electrician George Kardaras on the red carpet at the JUNOs.

Johannes and George spent many hours with Haigh networking in the Jackson Triggs Lounge. This was a special VIP area where celebrities could relax after walking down the red carpet, and before taking their seats.

They spoke with JUNO nominees, top Canadian music industry executives, and even actor/singer Kiefer Sutherland. All of them were very receptive to the ECAO/IBEW message, and Sherri feels this could lead to future cooperation that would work to help both musicians and unionized electricians.

She said, “There are many linkages between music and electricians – we are both fighting to protect the value of our investments in training and skills. We are seeing that being eroded by both technology and corporations trying to increase their profits at our expense.”

Kiefer Sutherland with Johannes Ziebarth at 2017 JUNO awards

Kiefer Sutherland with Johannes Ziebarth. Kiefer is a singer-songwriter as well as an award-winning actor.

Sponsored Award Presented by Country Rock Star Aaron Pritchett

Country album of the year nominee Aaron Pritchett presented the award for Electronic Album of the Year for us. He proudy wore an ECAO/IBEW pin during the evening of the live broadcast of the Juno Awards, having skilled trades in his family.

He was also a true country gentleman and spent just as much time with the fans as with the media on the Red Carpet!

Aaron Pritchett at JUNO awards 2017 with Sherri Haigh

Sherri Haigh with JUNO nominated country star Aaron Pritchett.

When the time came to present the award, he was introduced by a voice over that said, “Electronic Album of the Year is sponsored by the IBEW and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario who have a long history of working behind the scenes to keep musicians plugged in and safely wired for sound.”

During his presentation, he volunteered to mention us again, saying, “The IBEW and the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario are proud supporters of Canadian musicians and it is my honour to present Electronic Album of the Year award on their behalf.”

Be sure to check out Aaron’s videos on his website and support him next time he plays in your city.

Appreciation for Electricians

At the JUNOs, it was very clear that Canadian musicians feel a deep appreciation for the work that we do. As IBEW members, that’s something we can all take pride in.
Want to feel some more love? Check out this post about the warm welcome IBEW electrician Kathy Choquette received at the VIP party for JUNO nominees in Toronto.

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