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Local 353’s open letter condemning hate crimes

June 29, 2020

“As a union, we must strive to be the voice of change not just in words, but in action. Each of us must educate ourselves on the systemic racism around us and be willing to stand in opposition of it.  Silence is not an option but a choice to condone racism.”

Steven Martin, RSE
Business Manager, Financial Secretary
IBEW Local Union 353

Steven Martin, Business Manager of IBEW Local Union 353, Toronto, has written an open letter in response to recent actions of racism and hatred on worksites where IBEW members work.

The IBEW Construction Council of Ontario stands in solidarity with brother Steven’s statements.  We must do a better job to ensure the safety and equality of all of our brothers and sisters, both as IBEW members and members of society at large.  Workplace health and safety goes far beyond safety equipment and training precautions.  We are all responsible to ensure a safe work environment free of harassment, racism, and hatred.

Read the full letter here: IBEW Local 353 – Open Letter to IBEW Members RE: Hate Crimes

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