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Meet Sherri Haigh, JEPP’s New Director of Business Development

October 18, 2016

The IBEW Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW CCO) joins the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) in bidding a warm welcome to Sherri Haigh, President of Haigh Communications, who will be performing the services of Director of Business Development for the Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP).

On October 20th she’ll step into her new role and begin what promises to be a new era for the image of the unionized electrical workforce in Ontario. Her focus will be primarily on marketing and communications for JEPP.

Spreading the Message

For any of our members who don’t know, the ECAO are IBEW signatories, and all ECAO members have pledged to hire only IBEW electricians. JEPP is a joint ECAO/IBEW program that promotes better jobsite safety standards and professional practices in electrical work. This keeps our workers safer and helps ensure that IBEW labour is synonymous with top quality workmanship.

“Electrical contractors and the IBEW need each other,” says Sherri. “This is a great opportunity to spread the message that there’s a sound business case for hiring IBEW-trained and certified workers.

Purchasers of services from the ECAO can be assured the job will be done safely and effectively because it will be done by trained professionals. And there won’t be the extra costs that come with fixing potentially dangerous mistakes – which we know happens when uncertified individuals attempt electrical work. Never mind the fact it’s simply the law in

Ontario that if you hire someone to do the work of a compulsory trade like electrician, he or she must be certified.
“Hiring IBEW labour is simply more efficient, it’s better for contractors, better for business and it’s better for taxpayers who ultimately fund many construction projects.”

Experience and Expertise

Sherri brings over 20 years’ experience in a variety of disciplines related to marketing and communications. As a journalist and editor, she spent 12 years as an editor and writing for Canadian newspapers including the Toronto Star.

As a marketing and public relations director she has represented government departments, regulatory bodies, trade associations, and industry associations, influencing change and building brand awareness. She has worked at one of Canada’s most prominent public relations firms as an account director, raising awareness, changing hearts and minds, winning awards along the way.

Next Steps

Although she hasn’t formally started her new role, Sherri is anxious to sit down and talk to the stakeholders whose hard-earned money is being put into JEPP. She plans to learn about past successes and what’s working as well as what could use improvement.

“Personally, I’ve met a number of people in the ECAO and the IBEW CCO and I’m already impressed with the professionalism of both organizations,” says Sherri.
“I think there’s more opportunity to tell a story here in new ways, and now is the time to do it.”
We’re looking forward to working with Sherri and witnessing the future success of JEPP.


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