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Ontario Labour Minister Meets with IBEW Business Managers

July 19, 2019

The newly appointed Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton wasted no time in reaching out to the IBEW CCO, making one of his first calls to Executive Chairman James Barry on July 12.

Barry, who said it was refreshing to see such enthusiasm from a cabinet minister, took advantage of the call to invite the Minister to a meeting.

Within days of the conversation, Minister McNaughton met with the IBEW CCO and Business Managers from across the Province of Ontario along with Graeme Aitken, Executive Director of ECAO and Sherri Haigh, Director of Marketing and Business Development for the Joint Electrical Promotion Plan.

Ontario Labour Minister Meets with IBEW Business Managers

IBEW business managers meeting with Monte McNaughton.

At the meeting, the Minister was presented with a copy of “Skills Matter”, a research paper commissioned by the IBEW CCO and ECAO and endorsed by CLAC and the Ontario Electrical League.

The Minister listened intently as the Business Managers briefed him on their concerns and issues including the value of the Red Seal 309A license and the importance of maintaining our current scope of practice. The Minister acknowledged the importance of training and the dangers associated with electrical work and stressed that health and safety was his priority.

During the next 90 days, he said he will be touring across the province meeting with workers, employers and training centres. Meetings will be scheduled to meet at IBEW training facilities in London, Kitchener, Ottawa and Windsor.

We look forward to continued communication with Minister McNaughton and his government.

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