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Province calls on construction workers to share their Bathroom Horror Story

February 27, 2023
washroom blitz

Earlier this month, Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton, launched a ‘Washroom Blitz’, deploying health and safety inspectors to shed light on the fact that many construction sites fail to provide clean and safe washroom facilities for their workers.

Minister McNaughton knows that clean and safe washroom facilities are about human dignity, equity, and ensuring the health and safety of Ontario’s workers. Last year, inspectors from the Ministry of Labour visited over 14,000 construction sites, handing out over 2,000 orders to fix and clean up the washrooms on site.

Everyone has the right to a clean and safe job site and we’ve been asked to raise our voices. Minister McNaughton is calling on construction workers to share their “Bathroom Horror Stories” and help bring attention to this issue.

We invite you to share your story by commenting directly on one or more of the social posts linked below. The post features Ironworker, Mahee De Rapentigny, who shares that bathroom conditions on site are so bad that she drives off-site to use another facility:





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