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James Barry Responds to Government Announcement Re: Students Entering the Skilled Trades

March 9, 2023
IBEW Apprentices working

The Ontario Office of the Premier published a news release titled, Ontario Helping More Students Enter the Skilled Trades Faster. The full release may be found below or via this link.

IBEW CCO Executive Secretary Treasurer, James Barry, has released the following statement in response to this release.

The IBEW CCO will continue to require all prospective apprentices who choose a professional career as a 309A Construction and Maintenance electrician in the Province of Ontario to have the highest entry-level requirements in the industry. This will ensure that the 4000+ apprentices currently in our membership of nearly 20,000, complete their apprenticeship and successfully graduate.  Currently, 95 percent of IBEW CCO apprentices fully complete their apprenticeship, achieve 309A Journeyperson status, and obtain their compulsory trade Red Seal License that is recognized across Canada.

The IBEW CCO is committed to providing its contractor partners with the most highly-trained and safest workforce in the province of Ontario. This is achieved by maintaining high educational standards and by making sure that standards for those entering into 309A electrical apprenticeships are not compromised or diminished in any way.

James Barry
Executive Secretary Treasurer
IBEW Construction Council of Ontario

The IBEW Construction Council of Ontario represents 11 IBEW Local Unions across the province of Ontario, serving nearly 20,000 electricians, powerline technicians, network cabling specialists, and apprentices.

From the Ontario Newsroom


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