Why Join Us

Why Join Us

IBEW is a family, joined together by a common purpose. When we refer to each other as “brothers” and “sisters”, this has real meaning for us— these iconic terms have deep roots in our history. The many benefits of membership enhance work and family life and are outlined throughout our website.

How We Support Electricians

IBEW electricians have many opportunities to grow their skills and their careers.

Enforced safety standards

Our top priority is enforcing safety standards.

Better pay

On average, wages are 40% higher than what non-union electricians are paid.

Excellent benefits

Our members have dental, vision, and prescription coverage, and life insurance to name a few.

Robust pension

Enjoy a well-earned retirement at the end of your career.

Lifelong learning

Upgrade your skills in our training centres. Learn the latest technology from our expert instructors and enjoy more opportunities to advance your career.

Better apprenticeship management

The IBEW-ECAO team takes excellent care of our apprentices. Learn why we have the best completion ratios in the electrical industry.


Enjoy sports, family events and other activities with your local and fellow members across the province.

Find a local union near you.

Contractor Benefits

As a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario, there are  opportunities to grow your business.

Support for your management team

The ECAO provides learning opportunities such as construction project management and CFCSA Certificate of Recognition (COR) certification programs.

Training support for your workforce

Our educators provide free evening and weekend courses for apprentices and journeypersons in our training centres. We work with you to ensure your workforce has the skills they need.

Grow your workforce on demand

Bid on larger contracts knowing you can expand your team on demand with a pool of highly skilled IBEW electricians.

No strikes / no lockouts policy

Thanks to our Joint Proposal process, your schedules can stay on track. Learn more about our partnership with the ECAO.

Retain the ability to manage your workforce

Networking and lobbying opportunities

As a member of the ECAO, you’ll enjoy wide business horizons.

Visit the ECAO website to learn more about the benefits for contractors.


“I was working for a non union contractor, and was a second year apprentice at the time. I received a call from the Local here in Ottawa. They were trying to organize the company I was working for to become a union shop. I met with the union and they told me about the benefits and advantages of union as opposed to non union. The dental and prescription packages are amazing….. It’s much easier working harder for a union contractor than it is for a non union contractor. I think most people are just afraid to make the move, to say YES. It’s not hard at all. I’m glad I did it. I think it was the best career move I ever made. I was a little afraid at first because I was stepping into something unknown. I had never been in a union before. Today I would never go back non union. Nobody has helped me out like the IBEW. It’s great!”

– Bob Beare, Local 586 – Ottawa

“When I was working non union – going through my apprenticeship, they just wanted me to get the work done and I wasn’t learning very much. When I finally got my license I was making $15.00 per hour. I finally signed up with the IBEW even though there wasn’t much work. The Business Manager asked me if I was interested in travelling. I said sure so he sent me to Windsor. I worked there for five months and made really good money. When I got back, I’ve been working ever since.”

– Jason Leach, Local 115 – Kitchener

“I have had the opportunities to run projects and have worked with one employer since entering the IBEW. I’ve more than doubled my wage. The benefit package is also a very good. For people who are being organized today, your going to find that the employer who you may be working for may not want to become a member of the IBEW. They are going to do anything in their power to discourage you from becoming a member of the IBEW. They will tell you they are never making any money. The thing about the IBEW is to make a happy medium for everybody. Make the employer make money. Let yourself make money and make a respectful living.”

– Bob Becigneal, Local 773 – Windsor