Member Testimonials

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The IBEW offers a lot of great benefits to our member electricians, powerline technicians, and network cabling specialists. Swipe through the testimonials below to learn more about what makes our members proud to be IBEW!

  • Access to great benefits and life insurance
  • A great pension plan
  • An excellent apprenticeship program
  • Opportunities for continued education and training
  • A robust compensation package
  • Comradery and community

If you’re ready to learn more about joining the over 18,000-member IBEW Family, head over to the Find Your Local page and connect with the Local Union in your area!

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IBEW LU 353 Business Manager, Lee Caprio, shares his proudest IBEW moment – signing a card an becoming a member!

IBEW Local 586 member and licensed electrician, Brett MacLean, shares his IBEW Proud Moment – organizing and standing beside IBEW brothers and sisters during the Bill 70, schedule 17 protest.