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British Columbians Support Return to System of Compulsory Trades Certification

March 19, 2021

British Columbia is the only province in Canada that does not have compulsory trades training.

Eliminated in 2002 by B.C.’s Liberal government, the current NDP provincial government has committed to restoring compulsory trades. It turns out the vast majority of citizens – a whopping 94% – agree with the importance of this initiative.

“The results of this poll could not be clearer. British Columbians support and understand the importance of compulsory trades, they believe in compulsory trades, and they think compulsory trades will contribute to increased safety, skills development and quality work in the construction sector.”

Brynn Bourke, interim executive director of the BC Building Trades

The poll, commissioned by the BC Building Trades and conducted by Research Co., showed that 90% of British Columbians believe that the return of compulsory trades will make the construction industry safer. Read the full Press Release below.

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