Our Values

Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and return home to their families at the end of every day.

Construction sites are inherently busy places. Various trades work on different projects simultaneously and at times it can be hazardous to all workers. Health and safety on the jobsite is paramount.

That’s why the IBEW and ECAO work together to develop and deliver stringent safety protocols, backed by mandatory classes before anyone enters the jobsite.

The electrical trade is a very dangerous trade where loss of life is an ever present possibility. As you are reading these words, the IBEW continues to research and develop for better safety standards.

In Ontario, we have very good safety processes, but the challenge is to ensure they are followed.

Non-union electricians and apprentices are sometimes put under pressure to skip safety procedures to meet deadlines, and untrained workers are asked to do dangerous work that could injure or kill them. In this video, an apprentice shares the story of the injury he suffered because he was not provided with the training he needed to do the job safely:

The IBEW CCO advocates on behalf of all our Ontario locals to ensure that wage and benefits packages are sufficient to raise healthy families, live by middle class standards, and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.


Apprentices are the life-blood of our trade. We ensure that our apprentices have the right to a well-managed, hands-on training process that progresses in a timely manner.

Some non-union apprentices are used as cheap labour by contractors, and can languish for years without being allowed to progress. Many of them become discouraged and quit— the current Ontario apprenticeship completion rate for non-union skilled trades is 58%.

IBEW locals, in partnership with ECAO contractors, provide a framework for the apprenticeship process as a whole, which is why our apprenticeship completion rate in Ontario is 95% or better. Learn more about apprenticeships >


IBEW locals across North America are passionate about giving back to their communities. Through charitable donations, fundraising events and volunteering our time and skills to great organizations like Habitat for Humanity, we help build stronger communities.

Learn about some of the great causes our locals support >