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ECAO and IBEW Promote the Electrical Trade at Pre-JUNOs Party

March 24, 2017

IBEW CCO and the ECAO took advantage of an incredible opportunity to promote the image of the electrical trade at a recent pre-JUNO awards party in Toronto.
The party was held on Thursday, March 23 at the Vault in the prestigious One King West Hotel. IBEW electrician Kathy Choquette and JEPP Director of Business Development

Sherri Haigh got a chance to chat with stars of the Canadian music industry and dozens of journalists in attendance.

Kathy Choquette said, “It was an unbelievable experience to walk the red carpet with so many talented Canadian musicians. I felt such pride listening to some of the musicians express their gratitude to electricians for giving them power for lights and sound and keeping them safe.”

Footage for an upcoming TV commercial about the importance of electricians to every aspect of modern life was also filmed.

Many of the musicians jumped at the chance to show their appreciation for the electricians who make it possible for them to entertain Canadians from coast to coast. Some appeared on camera thanking electricians, and a couple even proudly wore the IBEW hard hat.

“We didn’t even have to ask,” commented Sherri Haigh, “they just wanted to put it on!”

Arkells at JUNO awards party with electrician Kathy Choquette

Kathy Choquette with Arkells Nick Dika, middle, and Max Kerman (wearing hardhat).

Matt Dusk at JUNO Awards party with electrician Kathy Choquette

Kathy with singer Matt Dusk who is also wearing our hard hat.

Sherri Haigh was thrilled with the positive exposure that the electrical trade received through the event.

“I would like to personally thank Suzan Ayscough, Head of Communications for the Ontario Media Development Corporation for inviting us to her incredible event and to Erin Benjamin, Executive Director of Music Canada Live for connecting us with Suzan,” she said.

Allan Reid and Kathy Choquette at pre-JUNO party 2017

Kathy with Allan Reid, President of CARAS (Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences).

Another Chance for Electricians to Shine Coming Up at the JUNO Awards

At the official JUNO awards ceremony on Sunday April 2, an IBEW electrician, George Kardaras, and ECAO electrical contractor Johannes Ziebarth will walk down the red carpet with the JUNO nominees.

To our knowledge, this is the first time electricians (or any other skilled trade) has been given the opportunity to appear on the carpet at a major entertainment awards ceremony.

This is an amazing way to let the public know about the important role electricians play in building and powering our hospitals, airports, arenas, and homes.

Country rock star Aaron Pritchett has agreed to thank electricians on camera while presenting the award for Electronic Album of the Year. The award is co-sponsored by ECAO and IBEW this year.

The event will be broadcast live on CTV, CBC, and Entertainment Tonight Canada. There will be a number of other related VIP events where IBEW CCO and ECAO can have a chance to change the way the public sees electricians and associate ourselves with excellence.

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