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IBEW and ECAO are Going to the JUNOs on April 2

March 21, 2017

We all know that electricians don’t always get the recognition they deserve. They do essential work behind the scenes to keep hospitals, businesses, homes and other modern essentials safely powered up.

Well it’s time that electricians and electrical contractors got the recognition they deserve. Together, representatives of the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario and IBEW CCO are stepping onto the red carpet at this year’s JUNO awards at the Canada Tire Centre in Ottawa, alongside Canada’s top musicians.

“Many IBEW workers were involved in the construction of the original Canadian Tire Centre so it’s very exciting that one of our members is not only walking the Red Carpet at an iconic event like the JUNOs but that it is being held in a facility that we helped build,” says John Grimshaw, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the IBEW Construction Council of Ontario.

Electrician Kathy Choquette (pictured in this post) will attend the special pre-award party in Toronto with more than 40 JUNO nominees.

It’s All Happening at the JUNOs on Sunday April 2 Starting at 5 PM

ECAO and IBEW CCO are co-sponsors of this year’s Electronic Album of the Year award, and one grateful musician will be mentioning us by name from the podium.
Country rock sensation Aaron Pritchett (a 3-time JUNO nominee himself) will be presenting the award for Electronic Album award, and he said he would be happy to pay tribute to the hard working electricians who keep him safely plugged in and sounding great. He will be mentioning IBEW and ECAO during his presentation speech from the podium.

He’s not being paid to do this – he’s doing it because he’s a great guy who appreciates the people who help him do what he loves.

We’ll be posting the latest photos from the JUNOs, and showing images of the real IBEW electricians and ECAO contractors who will get to walk the red carpet. The whole thing will be broadcast live on CTV, CBC and Entertainment Tonight Canada.

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But What About Schedule 17?

While the meeting with Kevin Flynn is being organized, it’s important to get some positive publicity like this.

Part of the reason Schedule 17 happened is that people don’t understand how difficult and important electrical work is. They don’t know that it takes brains and years of know-how to do electrical work safely. With an underground construction economy worth billions in Ontario, many people hire unlicensed electricians because they think it doesn’t matter who does the work.

The answer is to show them that electricians provide the infrastructure that powers their lives. Let’s make sure that message travels across Ontario.
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