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Meet Incoming IBEW CCO President Lorne Newick

January 13, 2017

IBEW CCO is pleased to introduce new president, Lorne Newick.

We’d also like to thank outgoing president Mick Cataford (IBEW 530 Sarnia) for all of his hard work over the past two terms. Lorne Newick offers his thanks to our outgoing president. “Mick is a good man and served the membership well during his term.”

Lorne was elected in December 2016, and will be helping steer our way through some troubled waters in the months and years to come.

“My vision right now is to try and pull the council together with more communication and better solidarity through dialogue,” he says. “We’re facing some tough situations right now, and I strongly feel we’ll get through them better together than if we all try to face these challenges alone.”

Specifically, Lorne will move to have meetings more than three times per year. “I would like to start having monthly council conference calls, to give the managers more opportunities to stay on top of what’s happening right now. There’s the Schedule 17 political action, plus everything else that’s happening in all the local halls that we can’t forget,” he says. “With more meetings, there will be more time to share expertise and advice, and most importantly, to listen.”

“My goal is to make sure the council provides an exceptional level of service to each and every IBEW member in Ontario.”

What Can Members Do to Help?

The involvement of every IBEW member will be essential to our success. “First, members need to recognize that the industry has changed in the last 10 or 20 years,” Newick says.

“Technology has changed, the trade itself has changed – and we all need to move with those changes.”

“Focus on education. Take every opportunity to participate in any courses we offer and learn what’s new in technology. Education is the key to staying the best in the industry. We need to be able to prove to clients and the competition that we can deliver as efficiently and as cost-effectively as anyone else.”

The second thing that individual members should do is understand how big the non-union competition has grown. “Be engaged in your local. Be ready to help with political action, with local hall meetings, and anything else that comes up.

“It’s your union: it’s only as strong as you make it.”

Over 20 Years of IBEW Membership

Early Career

Born in British Columbia, Lorne got his electrician’s license in 1986. He arrived in Hamilton as a journeyperson electrician in 1987, and first joined the IBEW in 1989. He has worked in many provinces, including Alberta and Saskatchewan.

It was in these early years that he found his passion for the IBEW, and his desire to make it stronger. “In Alberta and Saskatchewan I saw how CLAC, Merit, and other non-union groups were undermining the safety regulations and jobsite conditions that the IBEW and other building trades had fought so hard to get.” Lorne says.

“Year after year I saw those groups growing larger and growing stronger, while safety standards, wages and benefits seemed to be compromised.”

Working With Hamilton Local 105

Many of our members already know Lorne as the Business Manager of Local 105 in Hamilton. He’s been active since 2011 on the council in that role, helping to get 105 members involved in all union activities.

“If there’s one thing I’m proud of,” says Lorne, “it’s how engaged we are in 105. The members are always first rate in on-the-job performance, in political action, and even in helping out in the community. We have a strong culture, built around banding together to stand up for what we feel is right.”

Family Life

When he’s not working hard to help his IBEW brothers and sisters, Lorne likes to spend time with his family. He has a wife, two daughters, a son, a stepson, and one grand-daughter (so far!). He is very proud that his stepson is now a third-year electrical apprentice.

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