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Workers’ Day of Mourning April 28

April 20, 2017
workers day of mourning

Every year, hundreds of workers are injured or killed on the job. Some injuries, as we know, are reported and investigated, but many more go unreported. Often, mental illness issues are completely unrecognized.

Since 1986, the Canadian Labour Congress has held a day of remembrance on April 28 to honour everyone who has been injured or killed on the job. In 1990, April 28th became an official national observance with the passing of the Workers Mourning Day Act.

Rob Morneau, electrical worker killed at worksite, with his sons

Rob Morneau, the electrician from Local 773, who was tragically killed on the worksite, with his sons.

In Ontario, flags at all public provincial and municipal buildings are flown at half mast. That includes hospitals, schools, courthouses, police buildings, and any government buildings as well.

This will be a particularly tragic day for members of Windsor’s Local 773, as they lost Rob Morneau to a worksite accident in November.

We ask that all IBEW members devote a moment of silence to his memory. If possible, make a donation to the trust fund set up to help his wife and two young sons. Donations can be made through the WFCU Credit Union.

About the Day of Mourning Awareness Ribbon

Some Locals, like IBEW 353 and 1687 have a black ribbon decal, and some have a black armband. Many are having special remembrance ceremonies. Get in touch with the Business Manager of your Local to find out how they’re observing this special day.

The Hamilton & District Injured Workers Group hand crafts beautiful black ribbons that you can wear to honour those who have lost their lives on the job site, or who were injured and often still suffering.

The black strand represents all who were injured or died at or because of their job. The clear fabric represents the “invisible” injuries, work-related illnesses and diseases that are not recognized by the WSIB.

You can also find out about ceremonies happening all across Ontario online and via social media:

We encourage all IBEW members to observe April 28, to stand up for safety practices at all times, and support injured workers and their families.

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